AI Is Not Science Fiction – It Is Here Now

Artificial intelligence has made significant inroads into everyday life over the past few years.

When I teach AI basics to graduate lawyers they often look surprised at the examples I give of what AI is capable of doing. They look even more surprised when I tell them that those examples actually exist already and they themselves have quite possibly been using that AI technology already in apps and programs and sites they use and visit frequently.

It is no longer science fiction and it co-exists day to day as I said with lots and lots of things that we do in the digital world. e.g when using Google Translate, by watching YouTube videos, browsing for your next Netflix program, designing a PowerPoint presentation more professionally or managing your MS Outlook account, all have elements of AI built into their systems.

If you are in business or legal practice, I strongly urge you to take some time to do a bit of your own research on AI generally and have play with some technology that you already use that has elements of AI built into it. As a business owner or lawyer you owe it to yourself to understand a bit more than the average person about the game changing technology that is AI.

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