Innovation & LegalTech Should Not Be Ignored

Two of the most overhyped words in the legal profession at the moment are probably innovation and legaltech. Why because they are buzzwords with such fluid meanings and used to hype up scenarios such as the robots are going to take over lawyers jobs or innovate or perish headlines! Innovation IMO...
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AI Is Not Science Fiction – It Is Here Now

Artificial intelligence has made significant inroads into everyday life over the past few years.

When I teach AI basics to graduate lawyers they often look surprised at the examples I give of what AI is capable of doing. They look even more surprised when...

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The Reality Of LegalTech

Innovation and Disruption are stretching the limits of the human mind using emerging technology as well to produce things of greater value. I see innovation as inward looking with a fresh set of eyes and disruption as outward coming focussing on reinventing something that has long been ignored, complained about or is...
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