The Reality Of LegalTech

Innovation and Disruption are stretching the limits of the human mind using emerging technology as well to produce things of greater value. I see innovation as inward looking with a fresh set of eyes and disruption as outward coming focussing on reinventing something that has long been ignored, complained about or is...
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What Does Being Innovative Actually Mean For Lawyers ?

Innovation is one of those everywhere buzz words out there at the moment! But what does being innovative actually mean? I think it all about looking at something that is same same, differently with a fresh set of eyes and introducing others you work with into the process of looking at...
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Solo Lawyers And LegalTech

I really encourage lawyers in small law practices to take the time to both become more aware about the basics of new and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain generally and their value to your legal practice. Artificial intelligence in particular is making big inroads in the area of legal...
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