Confidential Legal Advice For Models

Confidential Legal Advice For Models We provide confidential legal advice for models. That's why you will not find the names of who we act for on our website ín testimonials nor in the public arena. We understand the sensitivity of the types of issues that come up in the...
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Running A Profitable Business

Running A Profitable Business As commercial lawyers who act for small business owners we know how important it is to them that their business remains profitable. Therefore their relationship with people such as their bank manager and accountant is an important and critical one. These are people that you will have...
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Modelling Contract Advice

Modelling Contract Advice We get lots of enquiries from anxious parents whose daughters or sons have been offered their first modelling contract. They are concerned mothers and fathers who don't want to ruin their child model's big break on one hand. However on the other they are justifiably concerned about...
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