BLOCKCHAIN MUSINGS I went to a Blockchain conference last week. The sort of conference where the people there knew their stuff but were humble enough to recognise it is early days for Blockchain. Techheads, technologists, budding venture capitalists, lawyers, law professors, business people, industry experts - people that know and...
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Models – Advice For Parents

Models - Advice For Parents There is a general reluctance over the years that I have experienced of parents particularly mothers of models to get legal advice. It stems from them having been approached by their daughter or son's talent agent and being asked to sign a modelling contract. The...
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Legal Issues Relating To Smart Contracts

Legal Issues Relating To Smart Contracts The short answer is there are many. And these legal issues remain untested under Australian law. There is no legislation nor case law to refer to yet in Australia so we are in unchartered grounds. Accordingly there are a plethora of legal issues that...
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