Prospective Marriage Visa

A Prospective Marriage is a visa granted where you come to Australia for the purposes of marrying your partner and can stay in Australia for up to 9 months from date of grant of visa during which time you need to marry. Whilst here you can work in Australia, study in Australia...
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What Is Quantum Computing?

A quantum computer is a supercomputer the likes we have not yet seen in mass commercial circulation that works at levels incomparable with today's conventional computers. It is technology that uses quantum physics to outpace classical computers by bringing improvements to processing through what are known as qubits rather than the bits...
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Artificial Intelligence

The real power of artificial intelligence (AI) is the power that it has inherent within its workings to learn by itself and continually modify itself by way of further learning without any human intervention. It can then also make predictions about the future based on its learnings, its continuously developing learnings and...
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