Getting A Partner Visa

Getting A Partner Visa If your partner wants to migrate to Australia they will need to have a partner visa of some description. There are numerous requirements for both the applicant partner and the sponsor partner. The law relating to partner visas is complex and getting more complex. We can assist...
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Setting Up A New Small Business

Setting Up A New Small Business Any new small business venture is a gutsy move. This is especially so in uncertain financial times. You need to have a clearly articulated vision and some goals. You also need to do your research properly beforehand. Having a clear and written business...
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Confidential Legal Advice For Models

Confidential Legal Advice For Models We provide confidential legal advice for models. That's why you will not find the names of who we act for on our website ín testimonials nor in the public arena. We understand the sensitivity of the types of issues that come up in the...
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