BUYING A FRANCHISE - CALL A LAWYER FIRST Prior to entering into a franchise agreement, we suggest you consult experienced commercial lawyers (like us). I know you say, of course we would say that. However there are lots of important things to consider when buying any new business and a...
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I Need A Lawyer To Review My Modelling Contract

These words are ones that we hear often as modelling industry lawyers. We hear them both from models who have been talent scouted. We also hear them from parents of daughters and sons who have been offered their first modelling contract. The first modeling contract is really important in...
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How Much Does It Cost To Make A Will?

The cost of making a Will can't just be measured in dollars alone. I am an advocate of having a Will. The reason being that if you don’t have one and you die, it will make life difficult for everyone else left behind. It will also mean that your estate...
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