Emerging Innovative Technologies

Emerging Innovative Technologies have been, are and will continue to be a pervasive influence on our daily lives.

What are they exactly?

Well that depends is the answer. Why ? Because they change pretty quickly due to their fluid and dynamic nature that in a space of a few months something newer and shinier becomes the main focus of our society and media. So what can be classed as emerging can soon become mainstream and something new becomes the next big ticket item.

At the moment I would say that the emerging innovative technologies are bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, blockchain, smart contracts, artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles, IOT (internet of things), robotics and quantum computing, all of which are solid examples of emerging innovative technologies that are in the marketplace and gaining mainstream attention and momentum.

Emerging Innovative Technologies

Of the above I would say that Artificial Intelligence is the most pervasive of the technologies at this current time, the technology that most of us are being exposed to increasingly (and almost unconsciously) every day.

The increase in the sheer power of computers (more specifically computer chips) has led to a revolution in use of AI in our society.

Personally I think it is much more developed and useful at this point of time than Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

AI is about machines that can think like humans and make their own decisions based on their exposure to massive data and in turn grow more intelligent through exposure to new situations in a manner in which they can learn, reason and act for themselves.

Unsurprisingly AI is touted as having uses through every aspect of our day to day lives.

Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Home are all AI powered voice assistants that millions of people around the world use everyday but give little thought to the fact they are using a form of artificial intelligence.

Machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning have also become key AI buzzwords.

Indeed machine learning has been advancing significantly over the past few years.

Anyone who has watched the Google Duplex or Google Lens demonstrations will recognise that AI is here to stay and will be beyond influential in all aspects of our lives in the near future.

For businesses thinking of adopting any of these emerging innovative technologies such as AI, they need to work hand in hand with lawyers who understand their project requirements, the actual technology, how it works in relation to the proposed use, the implications arising from that use and relative to the business and the wide ranging and specific legal issues that emerge from its utilisation.

Data security, ethics, privacy and governance are all critical legal issues and factors that those thinking of implementing emerging innovative technologies such as AI need to be aware of.

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