We are one of few boutique law firms to offer legal services in emerging innovative technology to businesses.

We also offer one on one consultations on emerging innovative technologies to directors and board members of companies thinking of using such or at the least wanting to know about such.

By innovative emerging technologies we mean Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts, The Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data, Automation and Artificial Intelligence and even Quantum Computing.

Most of the interest we find at the moment is still at the board of director level, with key people in the business wanting to understand both the technology and also the legal issues surrounding such. They also want to know whether they should be using such technologies, how and in what capacity and at what level at all.

We provide a consultancy service on the issues relating to the emerging innovative technology and the legal implications arising because there are risk factors galore when it comes to implementing these technologies because of their new and special nature.

We can do so because the Principal of our firm Paul Ippolito is at the forefront of this technology, constantly liaising with key professionals in the industry as well as undertaking the latest available courses in the market on these emerging technologies.


Most lawyers what Blockchain or AI is and they will struggle to explain it let alone in plain english, let alone how they can implement it in businesses.

Even more importantly, are appreciating the risks arising from it and how it may apply to your business and the legal implications arising out of such.

This is critical if your business is interested in using Blockchain and its related innovative technology. 

It is also critical if you sit on a Board of Directors whose shareholders are asking them what their strategy is in relation to the two key areas of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

We offer confidential advice to Board of Directors in plain english.

Paul Ippolito is a commercial lawyer and lecturer in commercial and corporate law and someone who understands the importance of explaining technical concepts in plain english.

As we said Paul Ippolito is well versed in the technology having studied a number courses in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Law in Analytics and Cryptocurrencies.

As a commercial lawyer he understands the technology, how it relates to business, the commercial law issues and the special and emerging legal issues relating to it.

As a long standing academic in the area of commercial and corporate law, he understands how it sits within and next to traditional commercial law frameworks. He is currently working on developing material for teaching such to young graduate lawyers.

Few lawyers understand Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and how it applies to business like Paul Ippolito does.

Innovative technology demands that you engage specialist lawyers who are committed to continuous education when it comes to these emerging and fast moving areas of law.

Our advice is competitively priced and you will have ample opportunity to ask all the smart as well as dumb questions you want.



Call Paul Ippolito on 9528 0235 or by emailing him to discuss your emerging innovative technology information session needs.

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