Emerging Innovative Technology – The Legal Issues

There is a need for lawyers to understand all forms of emerging innovative technology.

I am not saying at a computer science degree level or as a developer or coder, but sufficiently so to have a basic grasp of it to consider it in both existing and new scenarios.

Bottom line is the market place will expect it and go elsewhere if they feel you are tech illiterate.

The good part, of course, is the opportunities it will bring to you and reward you with if you do understand the emerging tech and how the law applies.

Note I am not talking Blockchain, AI or anything specific here as I believe that lawyers should be equipped with a skillset to understand past, current and any future tech using the same mindset and approach.

Openmindness and agility are therefore key attributes as is an inquisitive mind.

The types of legal issues that bear considering when dealing with these new technologies include;

Which corporate structure to operate any new venture

What sort of IP protection is required

How will the human resources be structured

Software Related Agreements

ICO Specific Issues

Ethics Guidelines

Privacy Policies

Cybersecurity Policies

Basic Commercial Law Business Products Such As Terms of Use.

And many more;

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