We do quite a lot of employment contract reviews for employees about to start a new job.

For an inexpensive cost, we identify and more importantly explain the key issues in it clearly to you.

Issues such as;

Is it a permanent or casual position?

Am I being paid under an Award or Enterprise/ Workplace Agreement?

How much exactly am I actually getting paid? How often do I get paid?

What allowances am I entitled to?

Is there a probation period and how long is it ?

What will be my hours of work?

Do I have to work additional hours?

Will I get paid overtime?

Where will I be based at location wise? Can they change that ?

What do they expect of me?

What can they terminate my employment for?

How much notice do I have to give to end my employment?

Is there any post employment restraint of trade in place?

What other issues should be in the contract for my specific industry ?


Employment Contract Reviews

A good employment contract review deals with all these issues and more.

It makes sense to get a lawyer to have a look at it before signing it. You may even be able to negotiate some changes to it before signing it off.

Afterwards however there is less we can do to help you.

If you are unsure whether you are an employee or not, here is an article I wrote previously between the important differences between an employee and a contractor …Click Here

It is also worth taking a look at all the useful information on the Fair Work Australia website …Click Here


Oh and if you need us to review your contract or advice on any other employment matter please call us on telephone 9528 0235.

We are located at Crows Nest on Sydney’s lower North Shore and at Jannali in the Sutherland Shire.

Paul Ippolito is Principal of Ippolito Lawyers. He is an experienced commercial lawyer who enjoys working with employers, contractors and employees. He has also lectured for nearly a decade in commercial and corporate law including employment law at The College Of Law in NSW.

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