Getting A Partner Visa

Getting A Partner Visa

If your partner wants to migrate to Australia they will need to have a partner visa of some description.

There are numerous requirements for both the applicant partner and the sponsor partner.

The law relating to partner visas is complex and getting more complex.

We can assist whether your partner is already here on a temporary basis or located overseas.

A frank appraisal of both the strengths and weaknesses of your potential claim is critical.

In our opinion it is a vital first step in any application process.

We are not afraid of telling our prospective clients they have little or no prospect of success when it is the case.

This saves time and money and emotional distress later when a hopeless claim will ultimately fail.

The link below to the Migration Department’s website shows the different options available for partner visas. It further demonstrates the complicated nature of the requirements.

Click Here.

The law relating to immigration in Australia is as we said not straight forward and ever changing. We would like to reinforce the view that you should not prepare your own application. Our view is that it requires a working practical knowledge of the law to be successful in modern partner visa applications. 

We can provide you with upfront and clear guidance relating to whether you or your Partner may have a viable application.

We recommend you do this even before considering applying for a partner visa and not after.

Our office takes lots of calls from people whose applications are rejected. It is difficult for us to assist at times after the application has been refused especially if it didn’t meet the requirements of the Department. 

Getting A Partner Visa

Getting A Partner Visa

It is also important to realise that from the outset that no-one can guarantee you the granting of a Partner Visa.

The best that we can do for you is assist you to make and lodge a fully prepared, well documented and complete Application.

In our opinion the most important part of any Partner Visa Application is making sure that all necessary documents to prove the claims made in the Application are provided.

These are important issues demonstrating a genuine and ongoing commitment to the relationship. This extends from the Applicant, the Sponsor to other friends and family members.

Here is another link to an article we have written on Partner Visas that you might be interested in.

Click Here

Getting A Partner Visa

We try and put forth the best possible claim in order to maximise your chances of a successful grant of a Partner Visa.

Call us today on 9528 0235 to discuss how we can get your partner here to Australia.

We have two convienant locations at Jannali and Crows Nest.

Paul Ippolito is Principal of Ippolito Lawyers. He is a registered migration agent MARN 0957677 and an experienced lawyer in the area of migration law.

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