Legal Issues Relating To Artificial Intelligence

Legal Issues Relating To Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer in the realm of science fiction, it is well and truly here.

Machines and humans will be interacting with each other more and more in a more and more sophisticated manner as year after year goes by from hereon and beyond. This machine / human interaction will be hand in hand with machine to machine learning.

The key part of artificial intelligence is the data in as much as the data that comes out of it and this is where the law comes to its fore and remains there.

The need for collaboration between business and AI developers and their lawyers is a paramount relationship . The earlier the better.

Those who wish to use and develop artificial intelligence projects need to keep the law in mind as they progress their business plans. They need to ensure it is front and centre to their considerations at all times.

The collection and use of data are the critical parts of any AI project.

The data sets used are the key to creating the predictive models that are the ultimate utility value arising out of artificial intelligence.

The privacy implications of how that data was collected will have many legal considerations depending on its source and where and how it was derived.

Even if the data is anonymised and de-identified in readiness for its usage, it will quite possibly be subject to a vast array of both local and international data protection and privacy legislation.

Knowing what that law is, what it entails and the way to comply with it are all critical considerations.

The legal issues relating to privacy and data protection and transfer within and across jurisdictions have now become even greater considerations when they are related to artificial intelligence projects with the EU data protection regulations starting in May this year.

Legal Issues Relating To Artificial Intelligence

Legal Issues Relating To Artificial Intelligence

Businesses need to be aware of the data they are collecting, ensuring the consent for such is clear and understood, that it has been correctly obtained, making sure that they only collect enough data for the purposes of its collection and use and making sure that any sensitive data is used in a manner that does not expose the identity of the giver especially if reverse engineering or data matching can occur.

Privacy, data protection and cybersecurity will all be high level legal issues for all artificial intelligence projects.

The need for lawyers who understand the technology, how it operates, what the risks arising out of its use are and the implications for such will be at an advantage in being able to give their clients apt and accurate advice. 

Getting it legally wrong in artificial intelligence projects will have huge ramifications for the business and the consumer and the person or persons whose data has been dealt with inappropriately.

The legal, financial and reputational consequences will be high.

As we always say, early legal advice and specialised legal advice are your best friends when it comes to the legal issues arising from this new innovative emerging area of technology

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