Legal Issues Relating To Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles have leveraged off artificial intelligence by combining machine learning with big data.

Cars have used such technology to develop in autonomy from cruise control, using GPS, parking sensors and assisted self parking over time til now.

Now autonomous vehicles are being piloted big time with AV systems being implemented that have minimal or no human intervention.

There is no doubt that once this AV technology in relation to cars advances to the point whereby the “no intervention” stage is achieved, the world will be a much different place and the disruption will be huge.

This is not even taking into account autonomous trucks, buses, trains, drones, planes and weapons, which take the autonomous nature of technology to a pervasive societal basis.

Some of the legal issues and areas of law surrounding AV are therefore commensurately significant. For example;

Who is the deemed driver?

Who is liable when it crashes?

What road rules need changing? On a preliminary basis it affects about 700 road and traffic rules in Australia.

How will insurance being affected?

How do we deal with all the data needed and generated? What about the privacy of all this data?

What about the risk of cybersecurity?

The ethical issues arising from the use of AV will also require significant legal consideration and involvement.

It is clear that legal advice, timely and of a high quality will be paramount for those considering implementing AV technology.

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