Legal Issues When Starting A New Business

Legal Issues When Starting A New Business

Quite a few people try and skim on legal advice early on when considering starting up a new business.

They are worried that the business may not take off.

They are concerned at the high cost of obtaining legal advice.

Both of the above are legitimate concerns.

However the costs of not backing your business idea fully and not consulting with a commercial lawyer sooner rather than later are both much much higher in all senses in the short, medium and long term.

Why? Because your business needs to deal with several fundamental legal issues that will ultimately impact all businesses at one stage or another. So you might as well be proactive rather than reactive about it because that way you have control over these matters rather than having to deal with them when a problem or crisis arises.

Legal Issues When Starting A New Business

Legal Issues When Starting A New Business

The sorts of legal issues that all new business owners need to contemplate sooner than later include;

  1. protection of important ideas
  2. trade marking business and brand names
  3. setting up the right business legal structure
  4. that shareholder or partnership agreements are reduced to writing
  5. making sure that employee and contractors are placed on contracts
  6. that any lease for premises is executed correctly
  7. that the business terms and conditions are set up properly
  8. that a privacy policy is in place
  9. that your business to business client agreements are set in place properly
  10. that your business is complying legally with its requirements under the law.


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