Modelling Contract Advice

Modelling Contract Advice

We get lots of enquiries from anxious parents whose daughters or sons have been offered their first modelling contract.

They are concerned mothers and fathers who don’t want to ruin their child model’s big break on one hand.

However on the other they are justifiably concerned about entering into a contract in an industry they have little or no knowledge about.

The two ends of the spectrum – not wanting to lose this big opportunity on one hand and making sure you know what you are getting yourself into understandably results in a stressful time for parents and models alike.

I say parents and not just the model because normally the model is aged 14,15 or 16 years old and can’t sign a legally binding contract on their own. Indeed the modelling agency will ask for the parent to sign the contract.

Contracts for modelling can range in time from one to five years.

The reality is most models only ever get one modeling contract so it pays to get good advice before signing one off.

One mistake now or an error of judgment can cost the model – thousands or even ten of thousands of dollars later on.

We try and provide open honest and upfront advice on modelling contracts.

Our role is not to advise you one way or the other in terms of signing or not signing the contract (unless it is a complete train wreck in waiting – and then we will). We believe that knowledge is ultimately power. The power in this case of being informed.

Because we act for modelling agencies as well, we can see both sides of the relationship and therefore we provide balanced advice. 

Some of the things we take time to explain to a model and their parents include;

  1. the term of the agreement
  2. the territory it covers
  3. what a mother agency is
  4. is it an exclusive contract
  5. what is the agency going to do
  6. what the agency isn’t going to do
  7. the commission structure
  8. expenses the model has to pay
  9. payback of monies paid in advance
  10. what happens after the contract ends

and so on.

Modelling Contract Advice


Modelling Contract Advice

Here is a link to some useful information for performers including models

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Here is an article I wrote previously on modelling basics that you may find useful.

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Foresight is therefore much better than hindsight. It is also cheaper may I add.

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Paul Ippolito is Principal of Ippolito Lawyers. He is an experienced commercial lawyer who enjoys working with models, talent, modelling agencies and creative agencies. Paul has also lectured for nearly a decade in commercial and corporate law at The College Of Law in NSW and has a special interest in contracts in the creative sector especially in the arts, media and entertainment fields. He has also studied contract law at Harvard University through its Edx program.

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