We deliver coaching and mentoring and consulting services provided by Paul Ippolito.

Paul Ippolito can provide the following services:

  • one on one individual coaching
  • short to medium to long term mentoring
  • consulting for your business

Paul Ippolito is an experienced coach and mentor who has the credentials at every level to guide you towards personal and financial success.

He has decades of collective and relevant experience gained by:

  • being a counsellor
  • operating as a senior manager with responsibility for 100 staff throughout 6 offices.
  • being a commercial lawyer
  • setting up a law practice from its inception
  • operating a law firm for over a decade.
  • being a lecturer in law for postgraduate legal practice studies
  • being a teacher in management at university
  • acting as a mentor and coach especially for those with ideas of starting their own business.


The types of things that Paul can specifically assist you with through coaching and mentoring include:

  • critically evaluating and providing constructive feedback on your current performance.
  • providing general business development advice to grow your business.
  • helping you increase your productivity, profitability and success at work
  • working with you to increase your business profitability.
  • help you with self improvement strategies.
  • help make you a better leader and manager
  • assisting you to deal with employee related issues
  • helping you with goal setting, future directions and a strategy for your business goals
  • assisting you stay accountable
  • helping you set up a new business or reinvigorate an existing business
  • working with you to help you manage change
  • assist you to foster creativity and innovation
  • providing practical advice on solutions to issues you have identified as barriers to change or growth.
  • helping you facilitate ideas to make your business operate the way you would like
  • working with you to achieve a better work/ life balance
  • career mentoring
  • law firm establishment

Coaching And Mentoring

“As you get older you realise how important experience is, how much it really does matter and the importance of sharing that experience” – Paul Ippolito.

“Paul is a great mentor and an experienced lawyer and businessman. He is very easy to talk to, listens without judgment, goes out of his way to be available when needed and provides carefully considered hints, tips and guidance. It was great working with you Paul!”


Paul is renown for his straight talking and honesty.

Paul’s approachability, common sense and practical advice are also things his clients really appreciate.

His strong skill-set and extensive diverse experience has over the years netted his legal clients significant financial and practical outcomes.

Our coaching and mentoring services are provided flexibly to clients across Australia through face to face meetings, by telephone, by email and by Skype.

We tailor our services to your specific needs so you can see us as regularly or irregularly as you like.

We can come to you or you can come to us at Crows Nest on the lower north shore of Sydney.

Paul is acutely aware of the need for any coaching and mentoring to add value quickly.

He also understands that return on investment both from the human and financial sense are critical outcomes arising from the process of coaching and mentoring.

Accordingly we believe that you should be able to see the benefits of coaching and mentoring from day 1!

We offer a free introductory session for all new clients so that we can understand each other better and show you how we can add value through our coaching and mentoring.

Call us today or email us to arrange such.

Disclaimer – The coaching and mentoring services provided by Ippolito Lawyers Pty Ltd are a totally separate to the legal services provided by Ippolito Lawyers Pty Ltd. They are also managed separately within the Company. The coaching and mentoring services are therefore not covered by the professional indemnity insurance that covers the legal services.