Blockchain. Bitcoin. Smart Contracts. DLT. Cryptocurrencies. Artificial Intelligence, IOT and Quantum Computing are all buzz words that form part of the emerging innovative technologies that have swept our economy over the past few years.

More likely than not you may have heard of them but do not know a lot what they truly are about?

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and its associated technologies are still industries in their relative infancy. By that I mean that the technology exists but it is being refined through substantial uses in our society.

The net sum of these new technologies is therefore a mixture of hype, excitement, opportunity, confusion, complexity and uncertainty.

The issue of course is it is still early days.

So the legal and compliance and risk management around Blockchain, AI and associated technologies are still largely uncertain and untested.

There is no one central guardian or custodian of it. No government, bank, authority, multinational nor any individual is solely responsible for Bitcoin nor Blockchain for instance.

Indeed it is and has been by nature quite fragmented, diffuse and dynamic in its development.


That is why it is so important that businesses take time to learn about it and understand its potential use and application.

As commercial lawyers, we can clearly see the benefit of Blockchain and especially Artificial Intelligence as technologies that will transform businesses.

But we can also see past all the “game changing” and “disruption” hype as well.

With Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and all the other emerging technologies, getting early and proper advice from lawyers and advisors that understand the technology matters more than ever.



We are only one of few boutique commercial law firms that provide legal services for emerging innovative technologies.

The type of legal advice on emerging innovative technologies we provide is;

  • General presentation legal advice on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and its associated technologies.
  • Consultancy legal advice regarding proposed specific use projects.
  • Data privacy, ethics and cyber security advice.
  • Smart contract legal advice and terms and condition development.
  • Compliance, risk management, jurisdiction and liability advice and strategies.
  • Advice on applicable government regulation and compliance.
  • Contract and general document review.
  • Contract development.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • IP protection.
  • General commercial law advice and services.
  • Advice to law firms regarding LegalTech implementation.


Call Paul Ippolito to talk to him about your questions regarding emerging innovative technology implementation and how it relates to your business.