Paul Ippolito, the Principal of Ippolito Lawyers is a registered migration agent.

He is also a migration solicitor and the son of immigrants himself.

Ippolito Lawyers offers a full range of professional migration services to both individual and business clients about temporary and permanent Australian visas.

In doing so we provide ethical, frank and clear advice.

We are not afraid of telling clients that have little prospect of success. Nor that they shouldn’t waste their time lodging an application.

Migration Law Services

We strongly recommend that you do not lodge your own application to the Department.

If you are adamant that you wish to do so then at least we recommend you contact us first for a preliminary assessment.

Migration Law Services

Paul Ippolito is a migration agent registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority – Registration No: 0957677

Paul Ippolito adheres to the Migration Agents Code of Conduct.