What Does Being Innovative Actually Mean For Lawyers ?

Innovation is one of those everywhere buzz words out there at the moment!

But what does being innovative actually mean?

I think it all about looking at something that is same same, differently with a fresh set of eyes and introducing others you work with into the process of looking at it differently.

It is about using the mind creatively to look at a product, service or process that we take for granted or complain about on a daily basis and really invoking the why question – why are we doing it this way?

Taking a step back allows us to analyse and think about something differently and perhaps how it could be done better using some new piece of legal technology to re-create it better and so it delivers more value to you and your client, without too much more effort or expense.

To me it is inward looking and incremental and iterative rather than being revolutionary and disruptive and game-changing in nature.

The bottom line about being innovative is not necessarily accepting the status quo for its own sake and a willingness to invoke change to make something important better in value, with minimal action.

It is certainly not being on the latest trend bandwagon nor about reinventing the wheel but certainly about taking a real closer look at what should and can be done differently and even better.

As lawyers we are in an industry where if we aren’t innovative with our products, services and processes we can become complacent and our clients will look elsewhere.

I encourage all lawyers to think innovatively at the micro level of their legal practice and to embrace positive change where they see a real opportunity to add value by doing something differently.

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