Our digital afterlife is now becoming as complicated as our current one.

Our online presence on social media and the photos we upload portrays us in a similar way our physical persona has.

The average person has at least a Twitter or Facebook or Instagram account, if not all three and more.

But what happens to this online presence when we die?

No longer therefore is it a relatively simple consideration in making a Will who to just leave our property and personal possessions.

What happens to our online presence after we die is just as important.

It now extends to considering what to do with the online “assets” we have generated.

A problem may be however that those digital assets may not be strictly ours in a legal sense.

It really does depend on the extent of the terms of each online provider.

What counts is the extent of the ownership and control of such digital assets after one passes away.

The main online players such as Google, Yahoo, ITunes, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all have different policies.

Each have rules and procedures determining what can be transferred, closed down or dealt with and by whom and by what method.

Indeed each provider has an often quite different view on what should happen.

So it is worth giving some thought as to how you wish to deal with your online presence whilst you are still alive and give some advice to your loved ones or next of kin.

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