What Is Quantum Computing?

A quantum computer is a supercomputer the likes we have not yet seen in mass commercial circulation that works at levels incomparable with today’s conventional computers.

It is technology that uses quantum physics to outpace classical computers by bringing improvements to processing through what are known as qubits rather than the bits and transistors we use today.

Quantum computers unlike conventional classical computers allow for a large number of processing tasks to be undertaken at the same time. This is where the role of the qubits comes into play as particles can be in more than one physical state at the same time.

Quantum Computers can therefore solve multiple issues all at the same time whilst conventional computers are doing this one at a time.

Through this process of facilitation through quantum physics, Quantum Computing gained through this massive computational power has the ability to enhance computer processing so that important existing technology such as encryption will be potentially impacted and the advancement of discoveries in areas as diverse as health, finance, traffic and weather will be taken to levels not even yet contemplated.

Whilst the technology is rapidly developing and not widely available at scale and at a commercial level, computer scientists are confident mass advancements in its further development and implementation will occur over the next decade or so.

It is a watch this space technology.

Given its pervasive nature of impact of quantum computing, legal advice will be paramount for early adopters of this technology.

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