Why Lawyers Need To Think About AI

Why Lawyers Need To Think About AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not science fiction – it is here amongst us already.

It is more subtle however in application than the hyped up media depictions of robots taking over the world scenarios that we have all been exposed to. 

Robots will not be taking over the world anytime soon.

However there is a fair chance that you have interacted with AI lately.

This is likely through perhaps a chat bot on a government or large corporate website and that you may have used Google Translate when you last went overseas or you recently used Siri on your Apple device to help you find out something.  

Artificial intelligence is the intersection between computers and humans in a smart intelligent and intuitive way that brings the digital world together with our everyday world.

Its lynchpin is data, lots of it.

The data is the key for the AI agent machine to be able to effectively use and for it to communicate back with us as humans in a more natural seamless way.

As I said ,AI has pervaded all aspects of society and is being used by almost all of us, albeit we may not be aware that it is actually an AI agent that we are using. 

Phrases like machine learning and natural language processing are becoming part of our day to day vocabulary.

As consumers we enact with the user interface of the AI technology, hopefully in a seamless manner so our curiosity is more on the utility and novelty value of the technology.

The need for lawyers however to be aware of this AI technology, its application and scope and to understand the risks arising from it are more fundamental to a lawyer’s future role, whether they like it or not. This is as an advisor to business and governments who want to use the AI.

Lots of social good will come from AI but it does also by its very nature have its challenges.

It is these challenges that lawyers by their nature are and will be well positioned to deal with both now and into the future.

Once you start understanding AI and its application and scope in a more technical level than that of a user, you will see it touches on many areas of law, some already in existence and others requiring adaptation to it.

There are also laws that those with foresight can see that will inevitably have to be enacted into the future to deal with what arises from the use of AI.

Why Lawyers Need To Think About AI

Why Lawyers Need To Think About AI

A few things that stand out almost straight away are detailed below;

The sheer amount of data involved in AI applications beckon privacy law issues galore and bring them to an important fore.

The current European privacy legal reforms due to start in May this year are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what will be required over the next few years in relation to the collection, use and transfer of data (your data BTW).

Privacy, cybersecurity, data collection and use and compliance with relevant laws across multiple countries at times, will be key areas for lawyers to focus on when considering the use of AI for their business and government clients.

Privacy policies and terms and conditions will be taken to a whole new level with AI.

The ethics arising from the use of the data for AI purposes by various AI agents will also be an area for lawyers (and politicians) to think about carefully.

The fast moving nature of AI will mean this an exciting yet also an uncertain legal area.

Lawyers need to step up to the challenge of embracing learning about, understanding and serving their client needs regarding new innovative technology.

Lawyers won’t lose their jobs to a AI robot anytime soon if they embrace rather than ignore innovative technology like AI.

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