Getting Out Of A Modelling Contract

Getting out of a modelling contract is an often asked question we get from our modelling clients. And yes it is possible. We have done this before. First up we need to see a signed copy of the modelling contract or modelling agreement. Not just the one you...
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Different Types Of Modelling Contracts

As a lawyer who does work in the modelling industry, I strive to explain to new models the different types of modelling contracts. I try and do this in as plain english as possible. Sometimes it is hard to explain what are complicated legal arrangements in simple plain english. Read more

Coach To Lawyers

Paul Ippolito is a coach to lawyers. He is also an experienced high performance business coach, professional personal mentor and business consultant. We can provide one on one individual coaching, short term & ongoing mentoring. Paul Ippolito has several decades of collective relevant experience gained by: 1. counselling experience Read more