Implementing Legal Chatbots

Implementing legal chatbots are an increasingly common and "trendy" Legaltech orientated thing for law firms to do, especially the smaller ones. Increasingly law firms are pitched to implement chatbots as the triage and interface of their law practice. The ones powered by Artificial Intelligence are capable of deliver significant legal...
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Thinking Of Renting An Office

As a small business owner you will be faced with a lease sooner or later in your business cycle. This will mean thinking of renting an office somewhere. The reality is that eventually you will outgrow your initial place of start up. This may be your bedroom, study or garage. A...
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There Is A Future Of Law For Lawyers

I spend a fair bit of time educating law graduates, mentoring lawyers and consulting with law firms. A lot of this time is spent convincing them that there is a future of law for lawyers! I also believe it is a bright one at that. Whilst I have no crystal ball...
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