Coaching For Lawyers With No Lock In Contracts

We provide coaching for lawyers with no lock in contracts.

I have had many a conversation with a lawyer or two (or three!) over the years who have wanted to leave the legal profession.

After some sage advice and some more serious contemplation they have  normally continued on their pathway.

Practising law long term is not for everyone however.

There are however genuine alternatives for lawyers who no longer wish to be lawyers.

They do need careful consideration and planning for.

I recently came across this really good article by Wendi Weiner for lawyers who want to leave the legal profession

In it there was an excellent quote that resonated with me;

“A law degree and the practice of law equip you with an enormous set of highly coveted and transferable skills, including research and writing, public speaking, analyzing and thinking creatively, problem-solving, and strategically negotiating. Lawyers are trained to think differently, and that difference is looked upon favorably across the outside world.”

I also believe that the lawyer skillset and experience base is valuable in so many different ways other than practising law.

This is particularly so for those lawyers cultivating their side hustles in business.

If you are unsure about your current legal career, please feel to reach out to me so we can work out together whether you should stay being a lawyer or plan to move on.

Coaching For Lawyers With No Lock In Contracts

Coaching For Lawyers With No Lock In Contracts

Paul Ippolito, the Principal of Ippolito Lawyers provides executive coaching for lawyers.

He is also an experienced high performance business coach, professional personal mentor and business consultant.

Paul Ippolito has several decades of collective relevant experience gained by:

1. being a counsellor
2. as a senior manager with responsibility for up to 100 employees throughout 6 offices
3. being a litigation lawyer and then a commercial lawyer in private practice.
4. setting up a law practice
5. operating and growing a law practice for over a decade, then starting a business consultancy

Over the years Paul has provided advice to law students, graduate lawyers, corporate counsel, government lawyers through to principals of law firms.

He has also provided advice on starting off in law, building a law practice, career development and promotion, legal practice management, practice acquisition and mergers through to work life balance & integration.

Paul understands what it is like to start a law firm from scratch and to operate one in today’s conditions.

He can assist you with planning to transition to sole practice, starting a practice, growing one and achieving work/life balance.

Paul Ippolito is also a long standing academic at The College Of Law in NSW, having lectured there for over a decade.

Our coaching and mentoring services are also provided flexibly to clients across Australia.

Please contact us now on 8964 3046 to have an obligation free discussion about your matter.

You can also email us through our Contact Us page.

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