Enduring Power Of Attorney

An Enduring Power Of Attorney is a formal legal document that gives the person you trust the legal authority.

They can then act on your behalf to make legally binding decisions for you as if it was actually you.

It is enduring as it continues to have effect legally if you lose your capacity.
The main reason you may end up needing one is the loss of your mental or physical capacity.

This could occur through something like a stroke meaning you may not able to manage your affairs.

In current times with the Coronavirus, this is another important reason why an enduring power of attorney makes sense having.

It is important to consider all the things you normally do in your day to day activities. Significantly also you should think about who and how things would get done if you are unable to.
Enduring Power Of Attorney

Simple things like withdrawing money from a bank, transacting with your insurance company or dealing with the motor registry may become difficult.

This could bring your personal affairs to a standstill. This could also cause unnecessary disruption and stress to your partner and family.

We therefore recommend you make an Enduring Power of Attorney.
Appointing a partner, sibling, adult child or a trusted friend makes sense.

It is simple, easy and inexpensive way to deal with uncertainty.

If you don’t have one in place and something happens your family may need to make an urgent application to a Government Tribunal to have a financial manager appointed. 
Call us to secure your peace of mind and make an Enduring Power of Attorney.

It is also worthwhile to take a minute to read about what is an enduring guardian

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