Healthier Wealthier & Wiser Every Day

Being healthier, wealthier & wiser are some things I strive for every day.

My overall health and fitness, state of my bank balance and increasing knowledge of important things all matter to me.

They are all probably things that are more relevant than ever, sitting in the midst of a prolonged lockdown here.

Every day, doing something small that makes me more healthy, more wealthy and a bit wiser matters – it matters to my happiness, personal growth and to my well-being.

What does this all mean practically?

Well it’s about picking three things that I want to do or that I know should be doing, and doing them for at least 5 minutes every day. These are things that will make me healthier, wealthier and wiser – and doing them is non-negotiable!

Little things, albeit important things, done repetitively, every single day – no exceptions!

This sort of practice started being part of my day to day life when I started HIIT training a few years ago. The appeal of a 5 to 10 minute high intensity fitness routine was pretty obvious. Even better, I worked out pretty quickly that it actually worked and it wasn’t some gimmick.

I also took further general inspiration from reading the book Atomic Habits which talks about tiny habits repeated frequently and the cumulative impact that they make.

The saying you hear quite often about overestimating what you can do in a day or week but underestimating what you can do in a year, resonated here for me as well.

Short, repetitive and cumulative are action words that yield real results.

Healthier Wealthier & Wiser Every Day

Incremental change is what I am getting at here. How much is up to you ultimately. The catch is … doing it every day.

What should I do? That’s up to you as well.

How about doing something you always have wanted to do? That at least, is a motivator. Or something you really enjoy doing. Or something you don’t enjoy doing or is hard but that you know you probably should being doing anyway. Yes to all, is my response.

The reality is regardless of what it is, is that you only have to do 5 minutes of it.

So if it is all a bit too hard, it seems out of your league, you are really bad at doing it, you don’t really know if you like it or else you really only have limited time, none of these excuses should stop you coming back again tomorrow and giving it another go.

The other side of the coin is a reality that on some days, you will be really enjoying what you are doing so much that you might even stretch out doing it a bit longer.

The real benefit remains that by doing something repetitively it will normally mean you will get better and therefore healthier, wealthier and wiser because of it. That is where the real benefits kick in.

I say healthier and wealthier and wiser separately. The trick is to try and do three things every day that fit these objectives.

Simplicity and repetition are the keys here.

Enjoying what you are doing also matters. Personally my view is enjoying it, is as important as the repetition part.

Occasionally you will look up and surprise yourself as to the progress you have made. Very occasionally you will be really, really surprised at your achievements… things you previously thought were not even possible. This will motivate you further to do more and try new things as well. 

Healthier Wealthier & Wiser Every Day

So what you should do?

That really is up to you – I just stick to the broad outcomes of increased health, wealth and wisdom.

What this whole process does is break things down that you may find daunting in their totality and breaking them down, right down, into small segments.

For example, if I asked you to start to meditate for 30 minutes a day every day, you would probably try and do it a few times if you had some time. You would probably soon realise either it is too hard to do it for that long at first or else find some other reason as to why you don’t have that amount of time to devote to it every day. 

Instead if I asked you to try it for 5 minutes, you will have more likely to make some time to do it every day. You may even extend it to 10 minutes some days when you can.

Bottom line is this all means setting aside 15 minutes a day to put yourself first.

You can do it all at once or do it morning, noon and at night. You can also do it in whatever combination works and makes you happy.

It is about enjoyment first and foremost, then about repetition and ultimately about personal growth.

If you are telling me you don’t have 15 minutes every day to yourself to do things you would like to do or know you should be doing, then may I suggest you find 5 minutes every day to start to work on this very issue.

Healthier Wealthier & Wiser Every Day

Healthier Wealthier & Wiser Every Day

It’s not long enough you might say.

It is I say.

These are probably going to be things you have always wanted to do or know that you should be doing. That’s fine. Start with things you want to do and that pique your curiosity. Do things that will bring you some happiness even when you have only done  5 minutes of it.

Accept you will bad at some of these things when you first start. You may feel out of your depth. You may question why are you doing this. Just do it for 5 minutes, then forget about it until tomorrow as you may change your mind by then. If a month later you still hate it, well maybe it’s time to pick something else.

Start small, albeit frequently.

Being healthier doesn’t mean training for a marathon. It means doing something that physically energises you by the end of it.

Being wealthier isn’t just about making more money. Instead it can be as simple as broadening your financial knowledge.

Being wiser doesn’t mean signing up for a university degree. It may just mean reading or watching something that teaches you a new skill, a bit at a time.

Please give it a try and let me know how you go!

Healthier Wealthier & Wiser Every Day

Paul Ippolito is an experienced coach and mentor. He has the credentials at every level to guide you towards personal and financial success. He has decades of relevant experience gained through and as a counsellor, senior manager, commercial lawyer, setting up and operating a law practice for over a decade, pivoting it to include business advisory services, being a lecturer in law, teaching management and as a mentor & coach for those starting and growing their business.

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