Modelling Contract Lawyers

The following is a legal lesson that we see learnt and experienced time and time again and would like to impart to you out there. We say this as modelling contract lawyers.

It involves models (or their parents) signing modelling contracts without really knowing what is in them.

We as lawyers would like to talk to you before you take that important step of signing that first modelling contract (and your second one for that matter).

This is so you know what you are getting yourself into and also can help place you in a better bargaining or negotiating position.

Talking to a lawyer that understands modelling contracts and the industry gives you some control over your dealings with the modelling agency.

It makes you look professional.

It also makes the whole deal-making process run more smoothly for all parties involved, to know who does what etc.

Modelling Contract Lawyers

Beforehand we as your lawyer can work with you with things like explaining;

  • what your obligations exactly are?
  • for how long will the contract go for?
  • what fees you will get paid?
  • fees the modelling agency will take out?
  • what expenses will be paid by you and them?
  • who owns the rights to your intellectual property?
  • what happens if there is a dispute?
  • what happens at the end of the contract?

Seeing a lawyer about your modelling contract costs a lot less than seeing them after there is a problem.

Call us now to discuss your modelling contract.

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