Coaching & Mentoring Services

We deliver coaching and mentoring services all provided by Paul Ippolito our Principal.

Paul is an experienced all-rounder both as a businessman and as a lawyer who can provide holistic advice.

As a mentoring business client said to him recently “you have done it all before, so you what I am going through”.

Experience does matter.

There has never been more uncertain times.

It doesn’t make sense to suffer in silence.

You should not be afraid to reach out and seek a sounding board for advice.

Having a mentor in times of uncertainty helps you have someone independent to talk to a range of things confidentially.

Paul Ippolito provides the following services:

One On One Individual Coaching
Short To Medium To Long Term Mentoring
Single One Off Sessions

“Paul’s mentoring sessions are a life saver!!! I would highly recommend catching up for a cup of coffee, get great advice on everything and any thing. He is a family man, so he understands the many limitations individuals face due to personal life commitments. He has great advice to tailor your life as a legal professional to maintain work/life balance and prosper and succeed in the profession. Mentoring with Paul was also especially beneficial for me because I had no connections in the industry, no lawyers in the family and basically no awareness about the profession. I felt that I am out in a jungle, all by my self. Paul has provided me with the insights, mentoring and guidance that a person would have had if they had a close family member working in the profession. I now don’t feel that I lack the advantage that my peers have who come from legal families.”

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Paul Ippolito is an experienced coach and mentor who has the credentials at every level to guide you towards personal and financial success.

He has decades of relevant experience gained as:

Senior Manager With Responsibility For 100 Staff Throughout 6 Offices.
Being A Commercial Lawyer
Setting Up A Law Practice From Its Inception
Operating A Law Firm For Over A Decade.
Lecturer In Law
Teacher In Management At University
Mentor And Coach Especially For Those With Ideas Of Starting Their Own Business.

He has also previously been a mentor in the Law Society Of NSW Women’s Mentoring program for a number of years

We also offer legal services to our coaching and mentoring clients, many of whom want to start their own business.

Our services are offered on a fee for service basis. That means there is an upfront fixed fee and no lock in contracts required.

“Paul is a great mentor and an experienced lawyer and businessman. He is very easy to talk to, listens without judgment, goes out of his way to be available when needed and provides carefully considered hints, tips and guidance. It was great working with you Paul!”

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