Executive Coaching For Lawyers

Paul Ippolito, the Principal of Ippolito Lawyers provides executive coaching for lawyers.

He is also an experienced high performance business coach, professional personal mentor and business consultant.

We can provide one on one individual coaching, short term & ongoing mentoring.

Paul Ippolito has several decades of collective relevant experience gained by:

1. being a counsellor
2. as a senior manager with responsibility for up to 100 employees throughout 6 offices
3. being a litigation lawyer and then a commercial lawyer in private practice.
4. setting up a law practice
5. operating and growing a law practice for over a decade, then starting a business consultancy

Over the years Paul has provided advice to law students, graduate lawyers, corporate counsel, government lawyers through to principals of law firms.

He has also provided advice on starting off in law, building a law practice, career development and promotion, legal practice management, practice acquisition and mergers through to work life balance & integration.

Paul can provide business consulting for your legal practice, irrespective of whether you are a solicitor or a barrister.

With years of commercial experience, Paul set up the law firm of Ippolito Lawyers which is a boutique commercial law and business consultancy, in 2008. Paul understands what it is like to start a law firm from scratch and to operate one in today’s conditions. He can assist you with planning to transition to sole practice, starting a practice, growing one and achieving work/life balance.

Paul Ippolito is also a long standing academic at The College Of Law in NSW, having lectured there for over a decade.

His research interests include the future of the legal practice. Paul has also conducted numerous lectures to graduate law students about to commence their legal careers.

He also has previously taught management at Western Sydney University.

“Thanks to Paul for casting a fresh pair of eyes over the workings of our legal practice. It was great to sit down and bounce issues, problems and ideas with someone who has done it all before. Paul’s knowledge and experience made a measurable difference. It was invigorating to rethink the business plan after speaking with Paul. I now feel more confident in my own decision making and about where our law firm is heading. Paul is down to earth, honest and his straight talking nature was appreciated. I look forward to working with him again”

Executive Coaching For Lawyers

Executive Coaching For Lawyers

We provides fixed fee services for our coaching, mentoring and consulting with no lock in contracts.

We also tailor our services to your specific needs so you can see us as regularly or irregularly as you like.

The specific things that Paul can assist you with also include:

1.Critically evaluating and providing constructive feedback on your current performance.
2. Providing general business development advice to grow your business.
3. Helping you also increase your productivity, profitability and success at work.
4. Working with you to increase your business profitability.
5. Help you also with self improvement strategies.
6. Help make you a better leader and manager.
7. Assisting you to deal with employee related issues.
8. Helping you with goal setting, future directions and a strategy for your business goals.
9. Assisting you stay accountable.
10. Helping you also set up a new business or reinvigorate an existing business.
11. Working with you to help you manage change.
12. Assist you to foster creativity and innovation.
13. Providing practical advice on solutions to issues you have identified as barriers to change or growth.
14. Helping you facilitate ideas to make your business operate the way you would like.
15. Working with you also to achieve a better work/ life balance and integration.
16. Career mentoring.
17. Law firm establishment and growth.

Our coaching and mentoring services are also provided flexibly to clients across Australia.

Please contact us now on 8964 3046 to have an obligation free discussion about your matter.

You can also email us through our Contact Us page.