Modelling Industry Law

Paul Ippolito of Ippolito Lawyers is one of a few lawyers in Australia practising in modelling industry law.

Paul Ippolito is experienced in modelling law.

He has also acted for high profile models and also for some of the biggest modelling and talent agencies in Australia.

He understands both sides of the modelling industry spectrum – agencies and also models.

That is one of the reasons he is also able to provide realistic practical advice that is balanced, objective and practical.

A model talking to lawyers like us that understands modelling contracts and the industry gives them greater awareness.

It also provides control over dealings involving their agreement.

Modelling agencies can professionalise their contracts and dealings with models, by liaising with lawyers like us that deal with the modelling industry.

Contracts that are clear, written in plain english and also balanced in their approach speak volumes about the quality of the agency.

We are also able as lawyers to assist modelling agencies navigate the complex legislation affecting models.

Modelling Industry Law

Modelling Industry Law

If you are a model, we can assist you by:

  • reviewing your contract before you sign it
  • explain it to you in plain english
  • help you approach the agency with suggested amendments
  • negotiate the modelling contract with the modelling agency.
  • help you if a dispute arises with your modelling agency.
  • recover monies owed to you
  • assist you with any issues surrounding harassment
  • provide advice if you wish to end your agreement

If you are a modelling agency, we can assist you by;

  • reviewing the existing contract you use
  • drafting a new modelling agreement
  • helping you negotiate the agreement with high profile models
  • developing and negotiating mother agency agreements
  • assisting with you with taxation law advice
  • assisting you to deal with harassment allegations.
  • helping you with terminating models.
  • a range of other business related issues.

Paul Ippolito is experienced in providing commercial law services.

An experienced commercial lawyer, he has also lectured in commercial and corporate law at The College of Law in NSW for over a decade.

Paul also previously taught management at Western Sydney University.

His experience as a manager, business owner, lawyer, lecturer, mentor and also as a consultant gives clients access to his range of skills.

Ippolito Lawyers is a one stop legal shop for all your business legal needs.

We can also provide you with legal advice as well as business consulting, coaching and mentoring.

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