Power Of Attorney Services

A Power of Attorney is an important legal document. This is why in our opinion every adult should have one.

It allows you to appoint what is called an attorney.

And no, it’s not a lawyer.

It is someone you would trust enough to give legal authority to look after your finances on your behalf if you couldn’t e.g. if you had a stroke.

In our view it is as important of a legal document as a Will is.

Power Of Attorney Services

Power Of Attorney

Due to privacy, increasingly authorities such as government departments do not recognise partners, children or siblings for the purposes of transacting your finances.

In these uncertain pandemic times, every adult should appoint an attorney because if you lose your capacity, the only option may be for a government tribunal to appoint one.

We also offer video conference appointments to make or update a Power Of Attorney.

Because of the above, it will usually only take two appointments and approximately 15 minutes.

Making a Power Of Attorney gives you peace of mind and especially in a time of great uncertainty.

We charge a reasonable fixed fee for our legal services to create one for you.

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