Retail & Commercial Leases

Paul Ippolito is an experienced commercial lawyer who can assist you with your retail & commercial leases.

He has lectured in commercial and property law at The College Of Law for over a decade.

He also has previously sat on The Law Society Of NSW’s Property Law committee.

We service the whole of the Sydney Metropolitan Area as well as regional NSW.

Ippolito Lawyers can assist with the following leasing related services:

  1. Advising on leases for both landlords and tenants
  2. Negotiating leases
  3. Drafting leases for landlords
  4. Dealing with lease disputes
  5. Dealing with disputes with your commercial leasing agent
  6. Providing advice on option exercise for leases
  7. Giving advice on usage for premises for leasing
  8. Providing advice for liquor licences for leased premises
  9. Advice on terminating a lease early
  10. Advice on recovering rental bonds or bank guarantees at end of leases.

We specialise in business so we understand how important your lease is to your business.

So are you thinking of leasing an office or commercial space?
As a small business owner you will be faced with a lease sooner or later in your business cycle.

The reality is that eventually you will outgrow your initial place of start up.

This is regardless of it being your bedroom, home or garage.

The commercial real estate agent will present you with a lease and ask you to sign it.


You can do a couple of things at this point – sign it or else call a commercial lawyer (us again) for advice.

We understandably for a variety of reasons would prefer you did the latter, especially if it is your first time.

The main reason is that leases are no longer generally proforma documents, but lengthy complicated and complex ones that landlords and their lawyers, quite rightly customise for the benefit of the landlord’s interests as opposed to the tenants i.e yours.

A lease nowadays can easily top 30 pages in length and have a variety of different types of clauses that deal with a myriad of issues.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is whether the lease is regulated by law.

For example in NSW by the Retail Leases Act.

This prescribes the parties legal obligations to one another.

If is not followed it can expose both parties to penalties.


The sorts of things you should be on the look out for in any lease document should be the things you agreed to with the real estate agent.

This will be contained in what was called the Binding Heads of Agreement.

This should include at the very least to ensure what has been previously agreed to is in your lease.

It would also be good if you could call us just before the agent is asking you to sign the above Heads Of Agreement document so we can have a look at that as well.

Indeed at this point of time, the agent will normally ask you for your solicitor’s details. 

Our advice is get your legal advice sooner rather than later.

Please contact us now on 8964 3046 to have an obligation free discussion about your matter.

You can also email us through our Contact Us page.