Technology Law

One of the areas of commercial law we provide services for is to the technology sector. 

We especially like doing work for projects involving innovative emerging technologies.

Our Principal, Paul Ippolito lectures in technology at The College Of Law.

He lectures and develops programs including emerging technologies, LegalTech, artificial intelligence, online dispute resolution and law, technology and business.

The type of legal advice in technologies we can provide includes areas such as;

  • Artificial Intelligence and its associated technologies.
  • Data privacy, ethics and cyber security advice.
  • Compliance, risk management, jurisdiction and liability advice.
  • Advice on applicable government regulation and compliance.
  • Contract and general document review.
  • Online Dispute Resolution.
  • IP Protection.
  • Advice to law firms regarding LegalTech implementation.

Technology Law

The law and the legal issues arising from these emerging innovative technologies are more important than ever.

More and more, we are being asked for advice on issues such as ;

  • what current law applies to the new technologies.
  • what jurisdiction a matter is determined given that decentralisation is challenging the “where” more than ever.
  • dispute resolution and enforcement in light of the above
  • the identities of parties are not easily discernible in a decentralised world
  • how to deal with transactions when things don’t go as planned.

Technology Law

Paul Ippolito, our Principal understands the new emerging technologies. He has undertaken many technology courses that means he understands their workings.

As a lecturer and commercial lawyer he understands the legal issues arising from their use.

He is also aware of the the implications for business trying to implement such.

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