Trade Mark Services

We offer a range of trade mark services.

Registering a trade mark is important and gives you peace of mind.

Most business owners think just registering their business name is sufficient. It is not.

Indeed a lot of business owners think that they own this name, just be registering it. They do not.

Your intellectual property consisting of your business name, logo and key brands matter.

They are valuable parts of the goodwill of your business.

Knowing which trademarks to register are important.

Checking if your name, logo or brand is similar to someone else is an important thing to do.

Australian trademarks and trade marks in Australia are something we advise upon.

As commercial lawyers we understand how important trade marks are to a business.

Trade marks can make or break a brand.

The Trademark Act is also a complicated piece of legislation.

In our opinion you should not make your own trademark application.

If you get something wrong or miss something it can lead to serious consequences.

We can also advise you if you have been accused of trademark infringement.

Trade Mark Law Services

Trade Mark Services

A trademark search is just a starting point.

Checking trade marks and logos is an important task.

The Australian trademark register is ATMOSS (register of trademarks) and is found on the IP Australia website

It is wise to check trade marks first before using a business name or logo.

We can also advise on international trademarks and facilitate an international trademarks search.

Then we can assist with trade mark registration for your trademark.

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