Starting A Law Practice

Starting a law practice is a dream or else a necessity for most lawyers.

It must be as in Australia, somewhere between 70 to 80% of lawyers practice as sole practitioners!

But wanting to start a law practice and actually setting one up are two vastly different things.

Many want to set up a law firm but don’t know what to actually do nor how to do it.

The range of legal and business related things to do, can indeed dissuade and overwhelm.

What business structure to use, where to base yourself, what areas of law to practise are all valid issues to consider.

Starting A Law Practice

Having said that it can be done. Many lawyers take that first step every day.

It helps to get good advice early on from experienced people and to have a written business plan.

It also helps to have a realistic budget and your finances in a healthy position.

We have helped lawyers with starting a law practice.

Paul Ippolito is an experienced lawyer, lecturer and mentor, who has significant first hand experience in setting up a law practice, growing it and providing business advice on how to deal with the endless challenges that will face you during your legal career.

Call us now if you need advice in setting up a law firm, growing one or are a lawyer in need of some professional coaching and mentoring.

We offer fixed rate consultation fees with no lock in contracts.

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