There Is A Future Of Law For Lawyers

I spend a fair bit of time educating law graduates, mentoring lawyers and consulting with law firms. A lot of this time is spent convincing them that there is a future of law for lawyers!

I also believe it is a bright one at that.

Whilst I have no crystal ball as to what that future will look like exactly, it annoys me when I hear hype such as “the robots are coming…and they will replace all the lawyers!”.

There is no chance that lawyers will ever be completely replaced by computers. Nor will they be completely replaced by any other form of technology, including artificial intelligence (AI) or virtual reality.

The key word here, is of course “completely”!

There Is A Future Of Law For Lawyers

The practice of law through legal practice has been existed, changed, and reinvented itself over the years, decades and indeed centuries.

It will continue to thrive for the foreseeable future, increasingly growing and developing in ways we could never have envisaged.

An increasingly complex society will see to this. The resilient lawyers both entering and already within the legal profession will also see to it.

There Is A Future Of Law For Lawyers

Will the legal profession completely change and leave us? No, it won’t.

Will there be some big changes along the way that will impact parts (large parts) of the profession and the way it has done things in the past, the answer is invariably yes.

These will affect all lawyers and parts of all lawyers’ jobs, whether they like it or not.

My view is that the robots will be taking some parts of a lawyer’s jobs, and there are parts that lawyers will quite possibly welcome them taking.

There Is A Future Of Law For Lawyers

Frankly, there are also quite a few other things, non-technology related that need changing in the profession as well.

You can see some of those changes already happening, conferences devoted to the future of law ensuring there will be undoubtably more to come.

So, how will the future of legal practice be different?

Come back for Part 2 next week and I will tell you more.

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