What Are The Legal Requirements Of A Cafe

What are the legal requirements of a cafe, is an often asked question of us, as commercial lawyers.

There are many legal issues to consider when setting up a cafe.

We help businesses like cafes and restaurants establish themselves.

This way  they can have a clear way as to what things matter and what things can wait.

One of the first things we assist with is the business structure of the business.

Should it be a company for example?

At this stage we also normally get involved with finalising the negotiations regarding the lease for premises with you and the commercial agent.

Making sure the name of the business is registered correctly is next.

Looking at trade marking is also an important next step.

Protecting key brands early on matter.

We can also review supply agreements and contracts with third parties you are unsure of.

Simple employment agreements can also be put together to deal with casual and part time new employees.

We can also provide tailored advice regarding any cafe related special issues you may have.

What Are The Legal Requirements Of A Cafe

What Are The Legal Requirements Of A Cafe

Paul Ippolito is experienced in providing commercial law services.

An experienced commercial lawyer, he has also lectured in commercial and corporate law at The College Of Law in NSW for over a decade.

Paul also previously taught management at Western Sydney University.

He is renowned for his honest, practical and plain English advice.

His experience as a manager, business owner, lawyer, lecturer, mentor and consultant gives clients access to his range of skills.

Ippolito Lawyers is a one stop legal shop for all your small business legal needs.

We can provide you with legal advice as well as business consulting, coaching and mentoring.

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